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Our History

Golf  was a limited-involvement activity among Chinese in Southern California  for many years before WWII, but the idea of an organized club started  quietly among a handful of Chinese duffers who were hoofing their way  around local golf courses.

In December 1945, a group of  eight players got together at Beachwood Lodge and organized the Chinese  Golf Association of Southern California, for the dual purpose of  creating more interest in the game, and more friendships among Chinese.  The CGA’s original charter members were Harry Chong, Jimmy Chung, Frank  Dun, Benson Fong, Bill Kan, Clarence Lung, Art Sue and Victor Sen Young.

Within  a year, the membership of the club grew to 38 players, but included  golfers residing outside the city of Los Angeles, which was beyond the  charter of the CGA’s constitution. The club then changed its name to the  Southern California Chinese Golf Association, drew and passed a new  Constitution and By-Laws, and organized the first “Los Angeles  Invitational Golf Tournament”, a Labor Day team match against the San  Francisco Chinese Golf Club.

Wedge Clip dated Sept 1,  1946: "The July tournament was something in the way of a novelty for our  members with Jimmy and Al Chung playing hosts to the club over week-end  at Lake Elsinore. Saturday night was well spent swimming, drinking, and  feasting Hawaiian style with luau pig stuffed with roasted yams, corn  on the cob, and new potatoes. A poker session kept an interest other  than golf until the wee hours of the morning when it was broken up by  the call to the waves and the dragging of the fisherman’s nets. The  caravan then traveled forty miles to Gilman Springs where the tournament  was played. Dr Frank Dun burned up the course with a cool 77 to edge  out prexy James Chung, Sr…"..

From these humble and  friendly beginnings, the foundation of today’s Los Angeles Chinese Golf  Club was set, and the original CGA spirit of fun and competition has  been perpetuated for over 60 years. Our club Charter continues to embody  the dual goals of the original CGA: to promote friendships and the game  of golf.

LACGC’s home course is Royal Vista GC in Walnut,  where we play every Sunday morning. The club sponsors monthly  tournaments and other fun competitions; annual and bi-annual events such  as Calcutta Auction, Las Vegas Trip and other out-of-town golf  excursions; Christmas Party (great food!); and various other outings and  Chinese Golf Federation competitions.

All members enjoy  guaranteed tee times, SCGA handicapping service, invitations to  Federation events in Monterey, Vancouver, Stockton and other cities, and  the opportunity to relax and play with a like-minded group of golf and  Chinese food lovers. Welcome to the Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club!

Other CGA / SCCGA / LACGC milestones:

· 1953 Adopted USGA hadicapping system.

· 1954 Women admitted into the club membership.

· 1957 Name changed to Los Angeles Chinese Golf Club.

· 1968 First annual Las Vegas Tournament.

· 1970  Home course moved from Montebello GC to Pomona National (now called  Royal Vista); the Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs was formed with eight  other Chinese Golf Clubs.

· 1981 First annual Benson Fong Golf Classic; re-named Benson Fong Memorial Golf Tournament in 1987.

· 1989 The last Labor Day team competition between Los Angeles and San Francisco

· 1994 LACGC's Labor Day Tournament converted to bi-annual Memorial Day Federation Tournament.

· 1995 Joined SCGA club membership and handicapping service.

· 1996 The 50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal was published by member Gloria Yuen.

· 2000 The LACGC.com internet website created by members Tony and Greg Chau.

· 2006 The 60th Anniversary Party at Chuck and Susan Wong’s beautiful South Pasadena home.


· 1946-47 Jimmy Chung

· 1948-48 Bill Kan

· ​1949-49 Dave Wang

· 1950-50 Benson Fong

· 1951-51 Jimmy Chung

· 1952-52 Creighton Leong

· 1953-54 Frank Dun

· 1955-56 Chester Woo

· 1957-58 Laurie Chow

· 1959-60 Joe Lung

· 1961-62 Al Hing

· 1963-64 Gordon Chun

· 1965-66 Ron Wong

· 1967-68 Henry Moy

· 1969-70 Benson Fong

· 1971-72 Henry Moy

· 1973-74 Bill Tom

· 1975-76 Sam Kan

· 1977-78 George D. Lee

· 1979-80 Herb Leong

· 1981-82 Chuck Wong

· 1983-98 Bill Tom (15 Years!)

· 1999-2002 Victor Wong

· 2003-Present Dave Thom